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    General Questions

    We’re here to help! so here are a few answers about most asked questions in general

    At Skytells we’re doing our best for our customers, on average it may take up to 1-2 business days to respond to your message.

    Yes, we can bring your interactive & smart app to live as soon as we discussed.

    Yes, we do offer website and app development for both clients and businesses, Contact us with some few information about it to discuss it.

    It depends on how your app or website is it about and complexity of what you asked us to do.

    It depends on your contract with Skytells, on average 1/3 of our customers chooses to publish their apps by themselves, We will help you to get your app published if that included with your contract.

    Other Questions

    Here are some other answers of most asked questions regarding other services we provide for our customers.

    We do offer free customer support through support tickets and phone, For person-to-person support you may need to visit us at one of our branches.

    You can submit a support ticket here at Client Area at anytime or you can talk with us on the phone at +18777788073

    Yes we do offer a great services and APIs for developers, Please visit Skytells for Developers to learn more.

    We do offer a great solutions for businesses and startups and customers, If you need help or a service related to tech, finance or management please contact us through the form up there.

    Currently, All applications regarding financial solutions are subject for manual review, Please feel free to contact us to talk about how to get started.